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Ние оставяме нашите клиенти да говорят

Всеки ден дърводелците по цял свят избират дървообработващи машини от Felder и следователно стават посланици за перфектна дървообработка. За нас историите за успех на нашите клиенти представляват признание и мотивация, като подписване с нашата компания. Горди сме, че с нашите машини по целия свят се постигат безброй уникални цели и всеки ден се пишат истории за успех. Разкажете ни за вашите проекти, очакваме с нетърпение всеки един.

Do you also work with a FELDER?

Send us a photo of your machine and a short statement to [email protected] and you can become a FELDER ambassador for perfect woodworking!

Do you also work with a FORMAT4?

Send us a photo of your machine and a short statement to [email protected] and you can become a FORMAT4 ambassador for perfect woodworking!

Remi Baujard, Lycée Le Corbusier

"For us, the new Format-4 machines offer the opportunity to teach at the cutting edge of technology and so optimally prepare students for their future."

Peter and Jon Norris – Peter Norris & Son

"The new opportunities this machine offers us are unbelievable. We are very satisfied with Format4 and the honest and open approach of this company towards its...

Steve Jewett, Handsie Display

"Format4 has opened up new possibilities for us. We are now able to achieve the work of several weeks in one day"

Duncans of Grantown

"The efficiency of the machines and the significant increased productivity has allowed us to diversify our business and offer nothing other than the best....