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Проектирайте мебели и интериорни принадлежности, визуализирайте ги в 3D и ги направете с едно натискане на бутон. Поставете основите на вашето решение Craft 4.0 или Industry 4.0: Изберете между:

  • F4Design, генераторът на мебели, задвижван от CAD + T
  • F4Design Platinum, OEM версията на AutoCAD с вашата лична библиотека и генератор за мебели, задвижвани от CAD + T.

Благодарение на множеството възможности за свързване, с F4Solutions ви предлагаме идеалното софтуерно решение за мебели и интериорен дизайн, независимо от текущия ви машинен парк

FORMAT4. Безкомпромисно представяне за най-високите изисквания

Премиум маркатаFelder Group отговаря на най-високите стандарти на професионалните потребители от 2001 г. до сега. Персонализираните високоефективни решения със безкомпромисно иновативни предложения, предлагат максимален комфорт при работа и абсолютна производителност.

Най-важните акценти в един поглед


Придайте форма на вашите идеи с F4Design!



Select your desired cabinet frame from a wide range of cabinet types. Regardless of the cabinet type, all design settings can be individually adjusted. Sloping tops, back grooves, corners, materials, borders, fronts, drawers and other settings guarantee that the cabinet meets your expectations. Even after guided placement of the cabinet, it remains adjustable at any time.

Stay creative and assemble your furniture out of individual components. You decide which table, bed or cabinet component to use to create the perfect interior design for your customer. As usual, all material and construction settings are used for further processing. By assigning free-forms to individual components, even unconventional shapes are no obstacle.

You can precisely incorporate countertops, fascias and mouldings into your existing design. Here, too, the multitude of definition options leaves nothing to be desired. Cut-outs for the sink and cooking range can also be positioned at the desired location at a later stage and are transferred directly to F4Integrate.

Increase your productivity and quality by using recurring applications from your personal library. Library elements remain customisable with just a few clicks thanks to material, geometry, design and front updates.

F4 Design is more than just a furniture software. Because it is based on Autocad, you can plan and present entire rooms or storeys. F4Design helps you with the initial concept up to the final space planning solution and subsequent presentation.

A professional presentation is more important than ever in today's world. Produce a rendering directly from your design in no time at all. Define the perspective, the materials and let your project appear in the best light - arouse emotions in your customers!

The fittings library includes a large number of well-known manufacturers. Select your preferred combination of fittings and cabinet connectors in the Kon-Editor and F4Design will do the rest - fully automated and reliable. You can still edit all automatically generated operations.

F4Design has more in store! Wherever it is easier, you can generate holes, grooves, millings, pockets and rabbets at any time. Directly within the project and in 3D. These are transferred directly to F4Integrate and can be optionally adapted there.

An additional highlight includes the direct transfer of data to a Felder or partner software. With the post-processor which has been specially developed by Felder Group, all machining operations are directly and securely transferred to F4Integrate. True to the motto, everything from a single source.
Increase your productivity by optimising your processing sequence using F4Nest. Cutting with the beam saw can also be automated with the integrated Ardis output. Use F4Guide individually either with your standard machines in the form of a Craft 4.0 solution or as a supporting tool in Industry 4.0. Keep an eye on your costs thanks to the Excel parts list.

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