The world's first and only contactless safety device for sliding table saws



Contactless and absolutely
Injury free


Triggers at the Speed of light


100% damage free for machine and
saw blade


NO maintenance, NO cleaning,
NO wear and tear


Works always!
regardless of dust contamination, even when making hidden cuts or when cutting with swung-out overhead saw guard


Immediately ready to use again at the push of a button

"Funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), in cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology the Felder Group developed PCS - a revolution in safety systems for sliding table saws."

Specifically, the worldwide patented safety system detects human tissue in the danger zone and makes the saw blade disappear in a few milliseconds as if by magic: It is suddenly sunk under the table when danger threatens. No contact, no injury.


PCS® in the media


Zehn gute Gründe...

Felder präsentiert Sicherheitseinrichtung für Formatkreissägen (BM, Deutschland, 04,2019)


Felder to unveil safety technology at LIGNA

"It is amazing. No one else has anything comparable." 
(Woodshopnews, USA, 05-2019)



le nouveau système de sécurité pour scie à format du Felder Group. (CMP Bois, Frankreich, 06-2019)

Preventive Contact System – PCS®

Every woodworker (and woodworking company) has ten good reasons not to compromise when it comes to working safety - PCS® prevents accidents and guarantees dexterity and a quality handshake forever!

  • PCS®: Accidents are a thing of the past – Prevent accidents at the speed of light
  • PCS®: A danger foreseen is a danger avoided – Surveillance of danger zone with approach detection
  • PCS®: Safety should not be expensive – Damage free and immediately usable at the push of a button

Today, all state-of-the-art saws and panel saws need to have standard safety equipment such as a splitter and an overhead saw guard in accordance with the applicable DGUV accident prevention regulations. For some years, there has also been a technical solution that largely prevents cuts due to instant blockage of the saw blade, but it destroys the saw blade as well as the saw unit. The consequential costs for the repair are the price that you have to pay for saving one or more fingers. Until now, because there is a better way:

What is PCS® exactly?

The revolutionary innovation in safety equipment for sliding table panel saws.

Prevent accidents at the speed of light. When the risk of an accident is detected, PCS® triggers the lowering of the saw blade under the saw table at the speed of light. The functionality, based on the electro-magnetic law of repulsion, allows for an extremely short response time of a few milliseconds.


Surveillance of danger zone with approach detection.

Upon detection of an unexpected, fast approach within the saw blade area, PCS® triggers the safety mechanism, lowering the blade. The safety environment surrounds the saw blade and protects against access from all directions.


Damage free and immediately usable at the push of a button.

The PCS® safety lowering mechanism works damage free and at no extra cost. The sliding table panel saw is immediately ready to use again at the push of a button. PCS® works without consumable parts and therefore completely adjustment and maintenance free.

The patent-pending Safety Innovation PCS® is available as an option with the Format4 kappa 550 sliding table panel saw and supplements the existing standard protective equipment.
Start of distribution: 2nd quarter 2020. 



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